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, before 7:00 and tv coverage continues this morning. we're showing you of the fireball from last night. a gas line, a 24 in. main was leaking and exploded and then erupted into flames. those flames consumed house to house in san bruno until this morning were now live over this morning we've seen entire neighborhoods leveled. their 53
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homes who are completely destroyed in more than 100 damage. but the evacuation centers. we are at the police and fire center in and day change its earlier this morning to get some fresh speak out there so firefighters could do their job and investigators are this morning. the red cross in full force is out there looking for loved ones. they're trying to connect and that is one of the big stories that will be developing this morning. no credit one of our team of reporters tag is that here he
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filed this report few months ago. >> just a low skyline if you look over my shoulder you can see a shift change operation going on. firefighters constantly go to the neighborhood. one piece of news is as you look over here the donna's rising. we're fighting a just how bad the damage is and how many lives lost. all of that inflation is coming in the next few hours in the meantime this area is blocked off everybody of firefighters in their still turning people away on san bruno ave and appear on skyline. >> alright said once again just shy of the incredible claim that the firefighters had to get him the line yesterday using aerial drops as well fighting at like the wild fire. it is fighting throughout residential and highly packed neighborhood. to continue our coverage now we of welch and here he is at the command center at red cross in your looking at the victims and talking to them. well?
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>> joining me now is charlie and bowed and. you live at the place and your home at the time. surely canute describe the sound tell there is the ambulance rushing by. either it's injury or death to go to another scene will get information on that. now back to charlene, your home at this time and said it gave me chills. tell what you saw and what you heard >> as, my living room and there is the shaking. the windows in the house felt like there is pressure building up and then there was a sound and an explosion. a look at my window and i did not really have to but my living room was a bright orange red and it was a giant ball of flames coming up with smoke. i can't tell side to seal was light on and the public favors right there and we just
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got some of our belongings and there was a residential home down the street that needed assistance of the rest to evacuate we're hoping, just helping the mall to get together and evacuate. >> and everybody ran out and started talking to each other. yelling at each other, are you ok? people were on their cell phones trying to get to help but obviously there was calls that were made and the policemen arrived and a fire department arrived pedestal prior entire and was a huge ball. it continued to flams. >> it did not feel like an , i've heard that all morning. disclosed but one that you described as a freight chain that felt like was running to his home. >> i myself, thought and c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4senfairplanr c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8m0lhinge the sound of his making alhinge because of the intense heat that was put in doubt. >> you could feel the heat from
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>> your >> oh yes. >> clothes for the flames to you. >> i was 8 to 10 has is down and it was one block over a period >> so even one block over could heal the heat? >> so it yes >> the bird deal or aired was a just a warm feeling. >> it was in tennessee. was not burning the you could feel the heat. >> that you have been activated. >> yes, we're waiting to hear it to receive this and get back for home. no word yet we're dissuading. >> if you sell much. your one of many people that have fortunately, your home is ok rate >> as far as i noticed. >> from fortunately is ok. we spoke to a woman who 50 minutes ago said for friends lost for homes in that area and she is in the process of trying to track down the friends and lots of
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information is still coming and a lot of information does not know the red cross is here. what do you know. what can you tell us. according to them the number of fatalities is still at six. hopefully it will not go up but is such a bad situation. we're waiting and these conference and about 25 minutes now from the acting governor, even pseudopodium offset up and we're waiting to hear from him. perhaps he will get the latest information. he is talking to all of the high-ranking officers in all of the agencies and maybe he is the one that could the u.s. information. back >> seat area>:: all emergency services are in on this. >> this year when a check with him a second. i want to give you a way of the land. this is a green line. that is the transmission line that blow. you can see in the theater there of the flames were the russian happened and that shaded area in blue is the entire neighborhood
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and virtually the entire subdivision now is affected by c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4sehf it isf emergency declared and joiningsf us on the phone is kelly's houston with the operation of emergency services to talk more about the reaction from that level of government. good morning. >> good morning. >> is your situation from vantage point? but >> there's certain things going on of course are some fire spots that they're looking to completely distinguish and the next big question is who is affected by this? where are they? grimacing anybody? we're working very diligently with the local authorities and they say there when to start looking. which means we will probably bringing in dogs to assure us that we do not have somebody who is unaccounted for in one of these homes that burned down so suddenly appeared we're still looking long term of the recovery process and one step to help people recover from this process and get back into their homes or least back to normal so
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they can go on with their lives. is a very tragic situation for many people. >> now in the wake of september 11th tragedy we have in place a lot of criticism about communication between different agencies when it came to enact of terrorism or actual natural disaster. level horrific scene on multiple agents are working together. how is this situation to go over there? and >> for shelley still in california were not used to dealing with this but we are used to disasters. we have wildfire's we earthquakes. there was of fireback and 1991 as a genocide for financially. objective of getting resources and in is to go quickly because as we're experiencing with this fire was a dead fire that left even with all of the resources required and we are had that the firefighters really frustrated. at this point we
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are looking at an mutuel system that is working well and i am sure there will be a more of our report coming out that close to what we have learned from this. you're right now focusing on those were affected in trying to at least work this out to some degree so we can make sense of what happens. >> now you referred to calabria last august ended is 50 percent containment. the thing you get the dogs out there today encircling this morning? >> well it may be a possibility here is something we are hoping to hear after this briefing occurs within the next 20 minutes or so because those c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4sehf the gd c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4sehfthose e chiefs and all of the folks that are involved in this process has been talking about how quickly can we get in there not only to the investigation but to figure out if there's anybody that is unaccounted for that may have perished in the fire. we hope this is not the case. >> just looking at the work they've done so far in the media
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of reports that have been passed regarding the pipeline that blew this is the worst that we have seen. as far as fatalities go. except for of course texas. it >> it is absolutely cat strophic. >> think he saw much kelly we're went to continue our live coverage
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another 50 minutes away from and update live from the scene of the command center in san bruno where an explosion of a gas line erupted into flames and tore through a neighborhood. 53 homes are destroyed and 120 damaged. this is fresh in your from the sky over the scene. a 630 this morning and not first light they're looking for more victims. we know at this 0.6 are dead but the fire chief has told the media that there could possibly be more. we know that hundreds of people were hurt and some are in hospital and desperately need help. >> in the form of blood if you
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can do a head towards the closest blood donations pot. there are a bunch set up all over. the number you need to call is 1-8-393-4483. they're in desperate need of native blood. anybody that is hurt by this panic please donate your blood. we know that these people have been given to the general. number of them have been at sea in medical center and at san francis memorial hospital. it is going to be a specialized burn center for those that are critically injured at allegis had a conversation with a representative from the hospital and the person confirmed that they do have one person in serious condition and three other instable. we hope
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obviously that they'll make a full recovery. we will have much more on his career record to take a quick break with the kron4 news news will continue in just a moment. this is from san bruno with this information on the gas one that exploded last night.
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we're back the time is now 717 and are breaking news story is still in san bruno were am main, a gas main erupted. it sent to the entire neighborhood in to an inferno. this is google earth math and we're going to start the animation give you a look at the situation. the neighborhood out line is simple and as we're talking about. the green line is the transmission line that all of the cast and the fire icon. that is where it erupted. happened yesterday evening at 615 as families were sitting down to dinner and send the entire neighborhood into chaos. this is the church, that is where one is going for shelter and for supplies and here is the command center. this is that the
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bay hill shopping mall here in san bruno and that is also where families can go out there looking for information on family or loved ones. there's a pack code nearby and they have shelters for small animals as you try and deal with this crisis. there to shelters that and put into place to help the victims the veterans memorial rec center and the church of the island, as we said, on the other side of the map. this is a video from 615 this morning when emergency crews were headed to the fire. you concede in here. they're coming from cal fire. the san francisco fire and trucks, others 34 trucks in all that entered the burn site and we have more reformation. >> been and that one of the police barricades and the police are not letting anybody pass this point, this is crass more drive in san bruno ave and the police have barricades set up,
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they loeffler's set up here for safety reasons they cannot let anybody in the blast site. this is the second checkpoint there there's another police checkpoint farther down the hill and only if you are our resident living in this neighborhood you get to surpass that barrier. there tried to keep people as far away from the glass say as possible and beyond this checkpoint is where police and fire have their command center. reporting in san bruno i'm keith thompson for kron4 news. >> as we take a look for the footage from last night with a fireball and shows the incredible flames the firefighters had to deal with this morning they reported that the fire is 50 percent contained. we have seen in our lives aerial shots that to some of that smoke, not many flames but we have seen spoke of what appears to be no, smoldering rubble. we continue to follow up the weather and the traffic
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tangles to this. george led to a traffic in a moment. there was a lot of effect on traffic i will see about your commit this morning. one is going to be cute. lisa what do you see? >> sedalia have wins bidding at the northwest at about 3 mi. per hour we're seeing cool temperatures and high humidity is volatile factor is are helping the firefighters however this area is very susceptible to strong winds and especially in the afternoon. we could actually see those gust that high a like 18 mi. per hour and that of course is going to be a little bit more of a concern and where we were yesterday. the been tracking the winds minute by minute anything see around the area that we're to add 3 mi. per hour. has been fluctuating between one or 2 mi. per hour up to about 6 mi. an hour. keep in mind that this fire is 2 mi. west of the airports at this time the airport has not been affected as we head into the
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afternoon a lot of that takes what does have the potential of pushing into this direction and it could create some delays. george? >> yes, we have been tracking the street closures and interstate 280 is open to the san bruno ave is closed and between interstate 280 and skyline boulevard as the streets in the neighborhood where this explosion and fire occurred. the interstate 280 is open but it is reported to be slow. the chp has a special advisor rea requesting that the moderates are to avoid the area. surprisingly there are little if any major problems or slowdowns and there are no other hot spots on the bay area drive this morning. we will be back with our continuing extended coverage of this breaking news story on the kron4 news morning of returns.
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it is 725 on them morning is now giving us our first look at the incredible devastation of the explosion. director sam breyer yesterday and firefighters are right now on the scene putting out hot spots. this is the sky shot over head chilling new this smoking rubble, we got this about 20 minutes ago. the fire has killed six people so far and the office of emergency service wants to get with dogs i with cadavers on to see if there's any victims. the red cross is asking for help this spoke about the traditions that action help. if >> well red cross operates of money so that would really help. you can go to our website at red and if you do choose to make a donation of blood which is very an important to us to people who have needed
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a lot of blood is a good idea to make an appointment and that we don't have to wait. i had given blood and i encourage others to do. >> we have a live picture at the command center in san bruno and again the red cross is out there and so is acting governorabel maldonado and in fact they're going to be giving a press conference that is scheduled to start a 730 and when to take a quick break and we're going to come back as it unfolds live.
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7 t a renowned showing in a fireball that is part of last week's fire that ripped through sanford as sabre hit level in 53 homes and damaging another 120 this morning in for a slight fire fighters are still working on hot spots and areas that are smoldering. we see smoke rising from the area we also know that they're trying to get into some of the homes are damaged to make
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sure there are no more victims. at last count the fire chief was telling reporters that there were six people who were killed. he expects that number to rise and he knows that there are people in hospitals as well. will trend has been live at the red cross command center of the bay hill shopping center and we're also waiting for press conference to get under way any minute. well? >> very of the press conference will hopefully start at 730 promptly. concede the podium already set up waiting for the acting governor to arrive. i decide then speaking to an assistant to the president of pg&e and i found out that he will also be here and hopefully we'll get information from beat the any kolkhozes this gaslight to explode causing all of this tragedy to happen and all of the fatalities. according to red cross chris is here. have you heard any changes on the fidelity's nixon's last i spoke to? at the >> is time nothing has changed yet. hopefully with the press
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conference to get more information. >> now side gentlemen come down here. he does not live in san bruno kreisky he was walking around a whole bunch of close ready to donate, are you accepting donations here? >> we are not excepting the nation's here. we are accepting donations down of the relief center which is located at the san bruno sr. said it center and the veterans center which is located on crystal springs road. if you have any donations, food, clothing, watery and take it down there. we're taking people down there that are able to actually use the items. >>7m i was to keep the short jt in case the news conference starts. when it does will bring it to live as aspens and hopefully we will get to the bottom of this. pg&e president will be here and of course all of us, look at all of the media career. will ask him what happened. what caused all of this. back to gary. >> is absolutely. all we know right now is that it is 40 in.
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24 in. gas line prepared there has been a presence in the areas smelling gas. and then we saw the destruction which is what we're looking at right now. it is a wide area of the fire spread to. >> it be nice to see a pg&e has to say about it while the lowest blow on their front page of there website have placed the know. our thoughts go out to everyone situation. the priority right and are working with emergency yet to be determined, we know that a pg&e gas transmission line was ruptured. if it is ultimately determined that we were responsible for the cause of the incident, we will take accountability. so we may hear those very words reiterated that the press conference. i also want to shut your mouth of the burn area we're talking about. this is the subdivision the most talked about in and tyrants of dish and has been affected. this is the shaded area. the green line is the gas line ruptured and even see how big, or wide the devastated areas. as diplomats it you will
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modify hills >> appear on skyline to look over my shoulder you can see the smoke off in the distance. is nothing like last night is still simmering as a has all my long. firefighters are cycling in and out and they're still trying to fight the fire in now that it is they like they are finding a how bad the damage really is. there are a lot of fatalities and it is not going to be a task that anybody is looking for 2 but it does have to be done. over here on skyline you concede that is open and traffic is going through but the neighborhood all around below is still closed off. >> are right, another angle on this morning that has to be dealt with is the weather because the ones in that area can be particularly heavy like it or last night and this morning they seem a little bit,, piercing the smoke rise in durable little bit. tell us about the direction of the least
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that? >> it is moving in northwestern in the direction. it is only 3 mi. per hour of the this is typical. a start off with light winds and into the afternoon it really increases. in fact the san bruno gap is known for having strong winds in the afternoon and there is a concern that once could get fairly close to where there yesterday. they got to 21 mi. an hour yesterday and currently there about three. we're checking the ones in the area and you can still see the windsor of three. we're fluctuated between 1 to 2 to about 6 mi. per hour winds. as we head into this afternoon they could be getting as high as 80 mi. per hour and is fairly similar to where we were yesterday, maybe a little bit lighter than it was. keep in mind both the air force is 2 mi. east of where the fire is. the smoke my look fine down but if it gets thicker there's a chance that day can delay some
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airport. >> they're still closure's so is the in and out of the epicenter of the fire. interstate 280 is open but steve flavor is closed between the skyline and the interstate 280 as well as san bruno ave. it is between it's me lane and the chp is still having a special advisory interstate 280 and skyline boulevard which has also been reopened this morning. your ass to avoid that right now. another traffic, moderate back up at the bay bridge but no hot spots to slow your ride down around the bay area. >> think you very much george perry here at 734 is a look at these pictures again last may when the fire was raging in the subdivision we will remind you, we are keeping watch on the command center shopping center no we're waiting for the
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attendant governorabel maldonado and we're also waiting for the representatives from pg&e. therefore to tell us about the main transmission line. it exploded less pain caused the scene that you are located at right now. there's also the bonds are damage and the sad news this morning that the number of people killed in this has already risen to six and the worry is that it will go much higher than now search and rescue teams make their first entry now into the blast area.w$ they're looking at homes in the immediate area and they are not optimistic about what they will find. you'll keep an eye on the store but we'll be back with more.
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welcome back to the 739 and we're showing you the incredible fire that lifter's san bruno last night starting with the gas line that exploded and ended at
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spreading to hundreds and hundreds of home. 53 have burned to the ground. and 120 have been damaged. a press conference to be happening any moment now we're looking at the firefight from last night. it is not over is only 50 percent contained that we have seen smoldering homes and smoke still rising from the area this morning. >> do not forget to that power was walked out and so was what appeared to cut the main water line to the areas of fire fighters are also dealing with very low water pressure. that the ferry and water trucks to try get enough water on the flat tire and of course overnight without the power or the electricity the street lights are out to and it makes the search and rescue workers and a dangerous place of a would have had to hold back. it will not be going out there until later on this morning and they have the
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crew is the have convened at 6:00 this morning and we will learn more about what their decision is up to the press conference gets under way in the command center cute. we have nine units that responded to the blaze and more than a 200 law enforcement's are creating perimeter lines all rounds of people do not go it in close to the danger. we have had it interview with brian carty. he was one of the first on the scenes to record the video and here he describes what he saw. >> that he it was absolutely amazing. it was to the point where i actually had to put on some of, what i have is, basically it is wild man firefighting gear which is the home and goggles to she would i shot. the sound coming out of the ground was unbelievable. it was very, very it, continuously loud roar of the gas and the flames and there was a host that is right in front of me that was completely on fire. there were several cars burning and the
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home. >> you concede a left-hand side of the screen that smaller box that is where the press conferences or that we're just waiting line for the officials to come out give us some new numbers and then on the right we will continue to show you the incredible flames from last night at brian carty and others and our crews that had been taking photos and pictures and video of that and then this morning we have sky throughout the it seemed to look at the rubble. it was a huge area that was affected by the fire that spread from home to home and people, just to witness descriptions and survivors and how they explain about the boom in the slush and how they felt like they had a blowtorch at the back of their necks as they felt like they basically just ran with nothing. it ran from their homes of from the flames and in many cases people were surrounded immediately by flames. i heard people explain that the front and back yards were on fire. one guy said he basically had to jump in his car
7:43 am
in his grosz and drive through all wall of flames to escape. >> incredible. and again we are waiting for that press conference to start. record to take a break and as we approach 8:00 which would normally be the start time for elementary schools that have announced this morning all elementary schools will be closed today. no elementary schools in san bruno will be holding class's however cappuccino high school will be offering glasses as schedule. those high school students action do need to report to class. we will do it.
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we're back now hear this 745 and we have new video. the recreation simple. one of the it kings of been set up for the victims of a fire. their alliance right now they're making sauces. many of those are at the call that their
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helplessness of the end of that call on the left-hand side we're still waiting to the press conference to begin >> as kate thompson joins us now live here she is at the breakfast and can talk about probably some of the survivors and victims of what they're saying this morning. >> hi area yes many of the victims are waking up the debt had breakfast and now they are here at the veterans memorial center and many of them are entering where the red cross was gathered to hear their gear and duffel bags, they're taking 12 paper, food and clothes as many of them off with absolutely nothing so they are here trying to gather what they can this morning and some of them are talking about the explosion saying that they are in their houses and all of a sudden this huge boom in. a spurned. she has a huge bandage over the left side of her face here she's here their son. many relatives and
7:48 am
friends and a lot of local businesses are giving supplies can't take its, anything they can to help out. the people that are here, we've seen about 15 or 30 of these up that he's this morning this far. >> your even seeing some people that are fired that are in hospital and they're up with their families at the bandages on. >> yes that is right. one woman c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhps! shd c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhp#p toa benefits see our faces badly toa burned. cit huge gauze bandages over the left side of her face and her glasses ron perigees here third son and her husband and they were here just moments ago collecting supplies. >> cake, that is the think opposed to the situation where the houses on fire and " oh i smell smoke " that's an accurate as gives up together " this was not like for those people. >> absolutely instantaneous. people said they have no warning and they were lucky to
7:49 am
get out with what they had but now they are here and they need things. to what people are looking for sweatshirts and blankets. >> think he saw much kate. are to continue team coverage after this fire ripped through pure chinese and more video. table seven working with the area because a lot of buildings and homes the you see burning here from last night, this morning it was in your quiet and dull light smoke still billowing from the neighborhood where 53 homes artist totally leveled. now there are more than 100 that have been damaged at all started right here at the source where there is a 24 in. gas main that exploded. will chant continues our live coverage well derek you can see that the firefighters here, he and tea and a lot of people, we're just moments away from the starting as soon as it does out turn to the podium but in the meantime there is people here
7:50 am
and residents who have been evacuated coming down here and tried to give any information as they can't on when they might the will to return to their homes pretty cannot see them that you can see him. his >> there was a major explosion that occurred and the explosion was followed by mild shaking and it fell like a major earthquake. that was followed by a wind gust and it felt like the hurricane gusts of wind. is your home ok? >> yes. >> what happened? to the buyer has insight that you have chile. me what this to the moments after the fire >> yes there was eventually police officers and told us to evacuate the area. >> when you back with your home when did you grab? did you grab as much as >> you could> now i just had time to grab my dog. that is all we have. is the dog. the >> and your family? were they at
7:51 am
this time. >> my family were shopping i told not to come home. >> now i heard you talking to some of the fire officials you are >> frustrated > well we're just trying to figure what is going on so get back into our homes. we want to check on our belongings and there's ever going around that there were six leaders arrested last night. i don't of there's any truth to that other people were arrested and not to. i think people are just a little anxious to find out what happened last night. >> thank you so much trade he is not the first person that said that. other people also mentioned i hope my home is safe. hope they're patrolling the area because there is the fear of possibly having leaders goes were here. i can tell you that the perimeter is pretty good as far as letting people in and out that should be there. we'll have to wait and see what happens. getting back here you can see the live shots and there are a lot of officials trying to gather and exchange information and perhaps most important the
7:52 am
acting government is here and pg&e president will also be here. alas and that we know about the guest on exploding at we want to know what caused it to explode. hopefully we will get the answers in just a few moments. back to >> thank you james beard that is a pressing question because there are witness accounts of they had sent smiles. for weeks. prior to this said that pg&e did come and invest the is still as he said why are people from the fire department and in the it office of mercer experience. they're there and it things cool off and get a handle on this they will send out cadaver dogs to search the rubble. will the back end of the minister
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7:54 am
live december in another press conference is under way. , of >> council member every o'connell, council member mike sella's are. county jackson, police chief, chief debt is paid from the fire department. and we have president chris john's from pg&e i we're joined today by senator it be i mean and a former member jerry hill who represents this district as well. there's also one of my most important partners. brooks from red cross. he is always out here in doing a fantastic job.
7:55 am
as the closely monitored and responded to states and local assets of the fire and are the tendon governor who is also acting governor in the schwarzenegger he has been an important partner with us and leadership for all. we have had the local state of emergency declared we also declared a state of emergency for and by this stage. attended an acting governor also add me to return to see much. abel maldonado because of this size and scope of the fire are important fema partners granted that. they will help us in the operation. and in the cost here is my pleasure not to introduce to you my friend and our partner the lieutenant governorabel maldonado well good morning everybody. as you know the governor schwarzenegger is in asia this morning. i talked
7:56 am
to him about 25 minutes ago and have kept them on par with what is happening in the san bruno. i told him if he needed anything for me to say if he said to thank the men and women who were on the front lines helping the people of san bruno. i'm here to do that. i also want to think mayor went to what i came here last night he was here and he was obviously with a sad face. this is the horrific tragedy. our hearts go and to those who are impacted by the horrible disaster. without warning many of these people's lives have been changed forever. my deepest prayers go out to everybody. we know that to and natural gas line ruptured it yesterday around 6:24 p.m.. but we do not know what caused it, or what happened. we will find out soon. here's what we do know right now. to the fire has burned 15
7:57 am
a. in the city of san bruno and it is 75 percent contained. 38 structures have been destroyed. seven structures have been damaged. we have had 52 patients, three critically burned folks that have gone to the hospital with third degree burns for fire fighters have been transported to the hospital for people have been killed. and we have all of the evacuations centers with approximately 25 people as of this morning. i want to say what we did by st., we deploy it 67 pieces of apparatus including 21 local fire engines, 18 cal fire engines, 20 cal the my it neutral aid engines and four air tankers which were very, very,
7:58 am
very important and reported immediately to san bruno. one helicopter andwwd we supplied e areas in augustine and many water tenders and this morning we have 12 canines on site. today we are also the 0.30 more engines here to san bruno.calift agency opened the cold sent emergency center and the stay operation center in sacramento last night. the not approved a fire messerschmitt assistant wrapped and we call faa will help pay for the firefight. the city of san bruno, last evening, proclaimed a local emergency and right after the city proclaimed local emergency, like, with extraordinary impact, declared a state of emergency last evening for those affected by opening the door to pay for fire fighting and recovery. also want to think local volunteers
7:59 am
in the red cross and everybody that has been here to help. i want to say a few words just briefly in spanish. i will we doing here right now. (spa nish) sold licet was thank-you very much everyone who at stake here. i am here to welcome him to the potency was a few words on behalf of the people of send a. mr. mayor? >> thank you very much dependent coverage. it is very difficult to see this happen to the city of san bird appeared the sun is
8:00 am
shining but it is such a dark cloud over the city. you've heard the numbers. unfortunately the numbers are getting higher. we know that as the day progresses. to i have to think that men and women who have been trained for this and i unfortunately had to execute their trading as first responders. it was extraordinary yesterday afternoon. just extraordinary. to on behalf of the entire city council want to tell you that to you have heard the numbers but we have to deal with in the very near future is distressed, anxiety, and saarinen's in the minds of all the people were directly affected. those that lost their homes, completely lost their homes. there are those that will be out of their homes and residences for many months to come. i tell you now we are prepared to do that to deal with it all into be are working on it as of yesterday afternoon and we will continue. thank you very much for time.
8:01 am
and like to introduce to our city manager, jackson. >> thank you for being here today, the mayor said there was a dark cloud over san bruno and unfortunately that is true. san bruno is not only a wonderful community but it is the it strong and resilient community. we are proud to live here and we will be proud to respond and to restore the vitality and the safety it that san burnout is known for. the damage that has been experienced in the columbia area and our community is particularly it on the following streets. we would like residence to know this information in order to be prepared to pay attention during the coming hours as we begin to
8:02 am
identify areas where people cannot return. the damage is most serious on this 16 and 1700 block of claremont, the 900 block of columbia, the 1700 block of rural and the 1100 block of fairmont and the 2700 block of concord. earlier this morning our it public safety personnel opened at formally evacuated area, at area that remained evacuated all night. that is generally described as the area east of crest more. and continuing eastward. that is a significant segment of the area impacted and it is now safe for residences to return. our city organization will be working continuously as we have worked
8:03 am
through the night and into this morning and have secured it. we have the resources that are residences will need, we are in the process right now at establishing local assistance center that will be established within the next day at our veterans memorial recreation center and on crystal springs road in city park. we're still asking those individuals have been evacuated from the heavily impacted area to check in with us at the recreation center it said that we can begin the process of assuring that the accountability of identification double those individuals and procuring their safety. thank you very much. at this time i will introduce you to police chief neil copper. >> basically our law enforcement efforts have been to secure that scene and to ensure proper dates and to make sure that we assist
8:04 am
fire and any rescue efforts to make sure that those residences a stage and our efforts will continue to provide security, safety and to provide perimeter control through the affected area. again throughout the assistant fire and search and rescue operations as well. at this point i would turn it over to chief dennis take. thank you very much. >> good morning and the attendant governor gave the most of the details on the fire. to i'm especially proud of the california system and the san mateo county it we have made a terrific effort and stop in the fires but we did. obviously they want to be better but who is a great joint effort for the cal fire and the state. all of the
8:05 am
agencies can to get there and it was spectacular fashion. as devastating as this was it could have been so much worse in my opinion we did have fort firefighter injuries and they're all minor. they're all release and hospital. at this time >> but at this time i have harold brooks from the red cross bay area, then provide you with information it sheltering and helping our volunteers of blood donations. earl? >> well, at first i would like to say a hearty thanks to the many, many of the red cross and community-based organizations that were out here working with people to alleviate suffering throughout the night. we have her road, i wrote volunteers to do this very selflessly. we have wonderful partners and of course fire fighters and pg&e who we
8:06 am
will be partnering up with to make sure that people are taking care of and it turns out that many of the folks in this community did need shelter overnight pitchers only a dozen folks. but we had evacuation centers in shelters and there are available to people to get the type of comfort and care that they needed. red cross and the community-based operations will be commonplace and we'll see to it that the people are well cared for. we're working collaboration with five centers in the pacific from the red cross program to make sure that the blood supply will be sufficient for all of those that needed. thank you very much. >> thank-you herald. we're also joined today by our friend congress nance jackie sorry congresswoman. and she's here to speak with us. thank you. >> good morning i want to commend the city of san bruno
8:07 am
enforcement have done an extraordinary job under very difficult circumstances. to bring us fire to a conclusion and to help those in need. fema has not yet been engaged to look of a for a national state of emergency. we are seeking the designation upon receiving the designation and the residents are impacted airborne to be benefiting from an array of services and not released as to what is having medical care of small business bonds, i'll be setting up the district office at the evacuation center and local residents will be will to access our office and have questions answered immediately and also be assisted in filing claims for insurance and i'm calling upon all of the state insurance companies to create at that evacuation sites so they can begin that process as well
8:08 am
and this is an extraordinary community and it is very tight- knit and generations of families have lived here for ever. we will always come together and we will restore these homes and the lives of all of these people and we will once again see san bruno thriving. thank you. >> thank you out senator the onion who represents, i think you very much of the first of all thank you for of the my former colleague, the lieutenant governor he has had quick action and it being a governor of the fact that we're able section called him and to call is an issue in this incident as state of emergency that has opened up for re of assets at the state level to deal with this and someone has lived through this and less to the oakland hills fire and one of the things i remembered and i know very very deeply it's the fact you need to back to me to
8:09 am
act quickly. that is what we did. now that we are having of, uh, in even more of the heartache and more difficult times ahead and the individuals are going back and really seeing we are committed to and we are doing whatever we can to help the city and discount to a rebound. as i think that congressman jack heat mentioned this is in fact are rather tight knit community and it is a large community. their victims to have suffered a tremendous amount who are now and burn centers in san francisco. they are individuals that are no longer living in their homes and their lives of friends and relatives in daly city and in pacific. when i went to the service center last night there were about 30 individuals there and there are still many, many individuals. many friends and
8:10 am
relatives and strangers who have come to the center and have had it all types of supplies and all types of donations and i will tell you. it is rather at that wrenching to me that these strangers in this individual will come out to end in the middle of night bring all kinds of different, uh, uh, uh equipment and material and so in the months and years to come there are going to be a lot of needs and i know this community and the locals here are working together and all this will work together to try and do whatever we can to bring back some sort of sanity in these >> individuals' lives> thank you senator. every also have with us assemblyman jerry hill who represents san bruno. >> thank you, the key to the pacific governor for being can
8:11 am
to the governor for his support in this situation. it is interesting looking at the response last evening and the resources that are used when the city of san bruno came together with the leadership and the fight that they had and they came together with the fatality. kaelin not. it isn't an outstanding job. they respond to the cal fire and then responded to bring it forward. the came together from a public safety stand when they're coming together now from a personal standpoint. as you become through the recovery and try and pick up the lives of those that been so devastated by this loss. this is a unique community in san bruno. as a family. it is one family that is really working hard to maintain it's quality of life. is a character. as the heart. it was hard and painfully last evening and today. is the search as it goes on is plenty more painful is going to be more devastating. we have to come together and as we
8:12 am
saw today with the resources that the committee came together with less name and today the blood banks are now overwhelmed with people who are willing to give it that led to their family into their community into their neighbors cheered we have a lot to be thankful for a lot to be thankful for the great response in the state power talks with lt. gov. few minutes ago. he helped talmudic lined the individuals have become homeless. for some are starting this program today that so we need, that is what we appreciate. has been a tough struggle with the city will rise again through this and it will be strong merit than ever. thank-you jerry. and finally the last person to hear from from the pacific gas and electric his present chris and john. >> thank you. obviously our hearts and prayers go out to all of the families and friends and neighbors have been impacted by
8:13 am
this tragic event. >> speak up! >> i said that our hearts and our prayers go out to all of the families and friends have been affected by this tragic event. we do appreciate all of the hard work the emergency officials, they responded so quickly and to the on-site and they work diligently less interest than it did a tremendous job. we also have been working very closely since last may with the red cross trying to help and make sure that there is adequate supplies and shelters and that are in need. in fact we have dedicated it to red cross to make sure there is funding to make sure that we will be able to provide shelter and resources for anybody who is in you from this resolved. oizwe continue to work toward the night to make sure that the area was searched
8:14 am
safe and we worked with the emergency officials to secure the area, to secure the gas and electricity. we have yet to be able to get close enough to the actual source to be able to determine exactly why this happened that we are working diligently to do so. we been told that the national transportation safety board will be leading an investigation and we're committed to working with them as quickly as possible to get the answer is that i know all of us want to get to and understand. i want to make sure everybody knows that we are committed to do what is right and what is appropriate to help all of the families and others who have been impacted by this tragedy. a couple of things that i do now is that we have secured the transmission line. there is no longer gas flowing through the line. we have also secured
8:15 am
the local distribution lines and now there is no gas flowing in the boats ones either. the it team said today and we had over 40 people working last and we will have them out again tonight. they're surveying the integrity of the ones in this area and therefore to continue to make sure does say for a period as a 6:00 this morning we had approximately 700 electric customers who are still at the service in about 600 gas customers for this service. we anticipate getting 300 of them back on runyon today. the thing that we're doing this is because of the concern of safety we are having to walk a block by block, house-to-house in the area to make sure that is safe to go when and reestablish the services we're trying to do that as quickly as you possibly can. i will mention also that i have heard news accounts abouty can. customers reporting that pg antique have smelled the gas in
8:16 am
the area previously. right now we have not gotten confirmation but we do have records that we're going back right this minute to try to confirm exactly what those phone calls look like and when they occurred. we will report back as soon as we know something. now like, let me close by sing again. we are so saddened and we're so sorry about this tragic your record to do everything we can to help the folks that affected by this and we really appreciate the hard work every has put into it. including these folks today. and some much. >> as any speculation of what might cause a? >> are and, unfortunately have not been allowed to get close enough >> excuse me >> i said we have not been able to close enough yet to see second what it might be so it is rare to speculate what of what caused it. >>, as a to take? >> um, yes, the reason that we have been able see that there it, close enough yet is because
8:17 am
the source is still unstable throughout the rest of the night and we have to make sure it is safe for anybody to get in there and we have been working really closely with the, that, oh the fire officials and their clear and very am assured say before we get an attack a look at that area. >> they said the pipe exploded at 6:24 p.m. and was wondering if he knew how long after that the gas shut off. >> i'm, i am, i am, i don't know. but on what time it was shut off at what time it is probably a couple of hours later. not the exact time. >> what disparity of the numbers and the terms of the damage of an earlier on, we're told us of the three houses and a hundred and 20 damage but the government said it was something like 38
8:18 am
houses that were destroyed and only 70 damaged what's going on? >> there is the accurate number. we did it at it with a flyover. we did walk through early this morning. we verified that there is 38 and 70. >> how you go from 120 to >> 70? well we did not include in the secondary survey any type of damage that the distance from the air. this us siding or any the like other reported in the air. we went by for this time and examine every home. >> so it's 30 then does that mean that there is houses without any damage. star >> 38 homes destroyed. >> and then 70 had significant damage? >> yes and obviously there other it does is that a been damaged by it calls the include those. >> site status 70 that been
8:19 am
damaged questioner number of people are missing. >> well we don't know at this time. return to match up with the registrations of >> and the actresses> to know in the home owners aren't to be able to get back into their homes? >> working diligently this morning to try and get as many people back into their homes as possible. >> with my house is not there >> well fully understand that. as soon as speaking clear does is to notify you. >> hurry >> to notify us> will notify if your verification. >> work hard to report back to the show with any information we have. >> or the police inspecting them? >> and fortune as the chief said we will not know for some hours to come by houses have been c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8m(,w knoe
8:20 am
meantime we go to vote thew knoe c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhxc cend running at 10:00 a.m.. it is atd the veterans memorial recreant options center appeared do not have information on pacific home properties at that time. information will be available through the local assistance center as soon as the public safety personnel have verified. >> well we left our house are doors were up open and aren't doors were unlocked. >> door we have major is secured. it is investigated in the area appeared we're monitoring and the patrolling of. >> the that officers and several units throughout that area and for the entire night and we will continue to do so. >> but you understand the left my front door is open. there's a
8:21 am
huge land coming out of the gas find and is it or was it supposed to be operating. was there constructing or digging in the area, what was the rupture from. >> the gas line has a ruptured is a 30 ensure gas pipe and has a general who to to 3 ft. deep. we are not aware of any of our crews doing any work in that area that we do not currently know if there is other construction in the area appeared be do not many reports. all >> this one? >> i'm, i do not know exactly hold the line as but i believe it is probably about 40 or 50 years old and any to the back to the records to confirm >> in terms of engineering was
8:22 am
their situation with pressure that affected the line or the explosion? did anything require a physical force for a truck like that. >> eyehole i thought the new vehicles in to tell but we do make sure as we look at the pressure on the line to make sure that to be have a large amount of room for a safety. there is obviously fluctuation in the pressure of any type we make sure that the highest level there is a tremendous amount of room for safety purposes it is in accordance with laws and regulations we followed by. >> yesterday and you say you had problems with the pipe? with >> that pipes specifically we are going back to validate the we weren't aware of anything readily on the pipe. >> and people smelt gas did anybody from pg&e stock by to see if the reports were true?
8:23 am
>> our procedures and processes of some calls and says there's a smell of gas be immediately try and respond and get out so again, i know there has been news reports of folks that have, reports that people had called again and were trying to confirm that we're looking for records to the it see that. >> in your mind as a physical force and the ruptured as opposed to a pressure problem. >> i mean, unfortunately it is a lot of different ways to speculate as to what could cause appeared we're trying to find that it overturned a good answer we get the evidence to give us some insight on that and i know that it is frustrating for people it is frustrating for us but we're trying to get in there as close as we can and we're looking for the, uh, uh and they're so severe to are looking for to working with them. will get the information as quickly as possible. >> serve in here you. >> on the perimeter, on the
8:24 am
line, >> until we know what causes this rupture and what caused this we will take every precaution and we will preserve all of the evidence. that is why we're taking such precaution of there. >> was there any looting in the area? >> no, we have not heard of any looting. we are debriefed about that this morning. that is why our law enforcement is that they're considering the crime scene and so forth. >> you typically get gaslit ruptures? >> we will do the investigation absolutely. yes. >> years talk about you saw he talk about what you saw and a walk through. >> can you describe what you saw
8:25 am
up with a walk through their fire. at the incident. >> the incident was very devastating. it compares to the oakland fire and it was, there was, it looks like it's ok in some areas but again i want to emphasize that we have made a fantastic stop here >> well the fire be out. >> 75% is so right now and it is the hot spots here trying to contain the level of wild fire contain the that we want to make sure that we stomp out very well. the four approaches the canyon. >> what the firefighters are injured? >> they're all for firefighters that in held smoke inhalation at the beginning of the fire they're transported to a local fires there were released two hours later. >> what about the gas line >> yes it is difficult to approach was hot and it was 7280
8:26 am
or we cannot be successful putting up a fire without the fasting shut off. >> immediately after the pipe burst they put it near the box and for can you tell me when they responded and shut up. and if there any problems of the water mains break sorry if anything like that? >> we certainly responded on a second alarm assignment on the nature of the call and it was immediately five minutes into debt and if i'm a to 61 consignment so a special tax for some research that may go through. the of >> any problems with the water >> we've believe a water main
8:27 am
was damaged in the explosion and we currently probably have a sewer problem also there. record to try and repair it. as soon as possible. >> thank-you very much all for coming this will conclude the press conference. >> thank you. >> it is about is the latest this morning from the command center and be heard all sorts of new numbers and all of the official stressed that the numbers for expect coughed as the day progresses today. as the and and do more investigation of this point is a 38 structures were destroyed and seven severely damaged. and they also said the other homes out of this the suffer damage as well. it up the newest member from the lieutenant governor is for people confirmed dead and hobart and all of the officials say that these numbers are expected to rise to know that there are three people who have third degree burns in the hospital out of all 52 that are hospitalized right now. that fire is now 75
8:28 am
percent contained their canal house was in a wheel to the clipper " your up here no carrier ring no carrier
8:29 am
8:30 am
úán nr-írx//p-unw ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?
8:31 am
this just in, there were 6 people killed at this time they are saying the count is 4, they are going home to home and at this point there are 52 people in the hospital. the structures in the hom, just leveled y the wfire and 70 are severely
8:32 am
damaged, there are others. overall this entire neighbourhood was 15 acres and it is 75% contained, there are some fires they are trying to get a handle on now. people are waking up in shelters >>of course we just finished showing you live press conference >>good morning james, a lot of people that live in san bruno attended they want the lates
8:33 am
info. can you describe what you heard? >>oh my god i was makingan apple pie and my first thought was a earthqauke, second though was polane and third thought was a gas tank that went up and i couldnt imagine that a gas tank was there. it took an hour befre they shot off the power. >>could you hear the sirens >>all night. there was a wierd spotter plane it was doing
8:34 am
acrobatics that i jhave never seen before. we have a lot of family in san bruno and thank you very much she is fine, she is just a half mile away if i ask the fire chief was going on with the fire he said mainly hot spot. he didn't say when the fire would be held. let's did the fire chief over here sunday of live interviews.
8:35 am
according to pg&e it is on stable to get close to the source. for them to find out what happened at this point he won't even speculate. we know it's about 30 yen gas line. about 3 ft. deep. they're going through the records to find out what happened we don't all fit pressure that caused it to russia rupture or some physical course. people lots of unanswered questions that need to be answered. >> that is the latest from the command center. latest from the evacuation center that has been set up the veterans memorial in city park. that's working thompson is. i don't know if
8:36 am
this is another press conference? >> what i'm seeing is a lot of people who have been evacuated who are here waking up and collecting all supplies that they need. many people escaped within moments. a lot of people looking shellshocked. they have our room filled with supplies another woman had her hand head in her hands really upset could not pull herself together to figure out what she needed to get. she was separated from her family last night. she was your trying to gather close for two children. relief really going strong here they kept breakfast this morning. it will be cooking lunch and dinner. not just the evacuees but all of the volunteers that are here as well. many people to showing up
8:37 am
asking if they can help out trying to sort through all the supplies which are showing up. i saw an ambulance pact to the brim with supplies. the red cross says there's a lot of supplies. some people's entire house is destroyed people are going to need a lot of stuff. they're trying to gather all that and sort it and get it to people. >> have you seen any officials from the fire. trying to get the people to know what's going on and with the latest is? >> i have seen no officials it's really just volunteer spirit red cross seems to be in control of this. people have voiced frustration they are going to centers in getting no answers. people can't figure out when it will get it to their homes.
8:38 am
obviously there is tension. emotions are running high. they're not getting information they want. no officials here at the rec center. >> the latest from the wreck center in city park one of the to evacuation centers taking all of those forced out of their homes. we'll check in with your through the morning. >> we want to take a look at the weather and traffic this morning. there was traffic the facts of course the winds were huge. >> winds 21 mi. an hour you can see the difference this morning really helping out in terms of getting that fire and under control winds down to 3 mi. an hour humidity high temperature cool at this hour. we have been tracking those wins minute by minute. even the surrounding our
8:39 am
area is winds still moving out of the west northwest. we see those winds picked up but they typically do in the afternoon they could get up to 13 miles an hour. there would gust could reach 18 miles an hour. not quite as strong as yesterday. situations are different out there but there is concern that that small could pushover into the airport direction. >> closure around the fire at interstate 280 is opened as does skyline boulevard. san bruno ave is closed between glenview and sky line now. portion of san bruno ave has been reopened by traffic is slowed through sambar no along to 80 chp has an advisory route questing to
8:40 am
avoid to 80 and the to and the skyline in the area. continuing coverage will continue when we return.
8:41 am
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8:42 a.m. to breaking team coverage of the fire off the explosion and fire through a neighborhood in san bruno. live video from sky for showing you what looks like a moonscape. will tran is at the command center. where it off the bat they were saying six people died and then we heard it was for. >> what is the number of fatalities we heard six now it's down to four. >> the number currently is four. confirmed. >> do expect that to go up? >> yes we expect i could not tell you how many. we are optimistic that we don't find anybody else. but the reality is the devastation of the
8:44 am
explosion i have no$x idea how many people or in the homes. >> were there any halt fires in homes right now? >> know there are no fires in the homes is just moldering. >> did you know anybody got in the way of the work that didn't please? >> not necessarily in the five- year area but we had around the perimeter. >> what's going on as far as air strikes today? pg any wants to get to the source so they can investigate. when will that happen? >> we are trying to coordinate with public works. we have a sore line break so we will have to stop that leak and make those repairs. before any investigation can happen. >> days, weeks?
8:45 am
>> i hope it happens quickly. >> have you ever attack something like this before? >> know this is one of the most devastating things i've seen. >> what was the difficulty? >> the he is very intense we tried to foaming at, the airport had its foam truck out here and it stopped firing to homes. it is spectacular. there's a possibility that there is residual in the domestic lines. >> ass the chief one question. we can see the crater. the chieasked the chief how deep and wide the crater is?
8:46 am
>> honestly it's full of water right now i could not tell you how deep it is. it probably looks about 30 ft. across. it's filled with water. there is ash falls. >> and four firefighters injured right? just smoke inhalation? >> that is right. >> think you fire chavis is still going on right now i'm trying to get interviews. lt. gov. if we could possibly talk to him. everybody is scrambling to see if we possibly get as much information. will tran from kron 4 news we are life. can you talk about the efforts to get people into their homes rebuild the homes. or they just want to know if looting is taking place? >> there's no looting taking
8:47 am
place i was on site last night walk through the whole area. there's a lot of fire police protecting the houses there. i understand we want people to go back to their home. right now it's a dangerous place we have a pipeline ruptured there is ahold in the middle the streakers sewage in the street. the pipelines are there. we don't know how deep it is. the ash fall is broken you can walk on over sidewalks. we're trying to clean up and get to the bottom of what happens. >> are you putting pressure on pg&e saying as the state we want and what happens. >> we haven't given the mud timetable there will be an independent investigation of one see what that says. they have been very forthright. yes i am concerned i don't want this to happen anywhere else. this is a 30 in. gas pipeline is not the only place we haven't i'm sure it's all over california i want to know more about people
8:48 am
called the small gas one did they call who responded there's a lot of questions to be honest. we will get to the bottom of this really quick. >> as far as assistance fema is money available for those who need it. >> fema is covering the response 75% of the response. our state department and our resources will cover the other 75 percent of the 25 percent that is there. we have grown ever resources into this. last night when i call the state of emergency we put everything/s/ in part here e responded quickly we could not turn off the fires quickly as we would like. it was very hot. we could not that close to a. people were panicking. this morning we will go back and look what happens and hopefully we can clean this up and see what happened. >> did you go through that area sir? kines say man-to-man what went through your mind. >> i've been through a lot of
8:49 am
fires and incidents i've never seen anything like this when you have a street with all pull in the middle of it. and this cables over a 30 in. pipe. you see homes with melted cars. it hit me. not as a lieutenant governor but a resident of california. and as a neighbor to sambar know. we are moving as quickly as possibleoow i know there's pipelines throughout the state we need to make sure everyone is safe. >> that is acting governor who has been here because the governor is in asia. are your resident of san bruno, i will monitor the situation. >> we have been looking at the this crop destruction. we showed you the first look at the giant crater which is filled with
8:50 am
sewage and water. they have tape around it right now investigating the huge crater. the spot where the explosion happened last night. we will be right back.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. 8:52 a.m. developing in breaking news story has been the san bruno gas explosion and the resulting neighborhood has been torched by this. live pictures showing you what's left of all the homes. on the right-hand side the video of the homes on fire from last night. lieutenant governor said every state resources that could be scared has been mobilized to so we can expect more to come. 30 more fire trucks have arrived this morning to supplement the dozens of every other equipment on the scene. the latest in terms of numbers. word that we are looking at 38 destroyed homes
8:54 am
seven with severe damage. lives lost their looking at for people they say that number is most certain to rise. >> let's go to the phones were talking about the people that have been displaced and that the device. where you now? >> the main evacuation center in san bruno a lot of movement out here now people coming in dropping off supplies some people looking frantically for love once. others saying i'm here not in my homes. they're registering and not letting people know that they're actually alive. >> do you have people looking for others who have not been accounted for? >> i have talked to one person who said she is here she is looking for someone that she has not been able to find. i have
8:55 am
spoken to to the evacuees who said right before they heard the explosion they did smell gas. shortly after that they both told me about boone sounding explosions one right after another. they feel lucky they got out with their lives because when they open the front doors they saw their neighbors' homes on fire up on claremont. >> we are looking at some of that video. and on the left what is left over. i'm sure a lot of people one see if there's anything left of their homes and that's the problem with them. looks like we have just lost ha aziq. i guess a lot of people spend time with family and friends last night. we are waiting to see you looking going to their homes. we will go to the weather now by james you
8:56 am
have had seen some of the worst damage streets. so you'll be able to tell us what streets were basically wiped out. the video on >> this is the san bruno area. let's get to the latest with the was up. the fires are not earning any more but the wind still active. >> there light right now it's the afternoon we have to worry about. the gap is where it really is susceptible to strong winds in the afternoon. yesterday at the time of the explosion there rec 21 mi. an hour. today they should get up to about 18 miles an hour gust. current conditions 61 degrees and winds are light humidity is high and we are tracking winds in real time. there are still at about 3 mi. an hour. light winds of course keep in mind it is about 2 mi. west of the airport. the airport has not
8:57 am
been affected at this time. some of that smoke may push in that direction as the wind picks up into the afternoon. >> to 80 will still open and the scene of the fire. the traffic is backed up into daly city slow in both directions. and in all lanes. to 80 is open sky line and boulevard is opened. but steve lane is closed. we need to alert you to a problem in downtown san francisco and underground fire and smoke hazard montgomery street closed between bush and center. fire crews has solder closed as well. are developing coverage will continue when kron 4 morning are developing coverage will continue when kron 4 morning news' returns.
8:58 am
[ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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we're back time now 9:01 a.m. continuing situation in san bruno. the right hand side air real images of a neighborhood decimated. left-hand side what happened last night after a gas
9:03 am
line exploded beneath the ground. that sent people running for their lives literally. this is the latest. 75 percent contained. we spoke with the fire department earlier and they said the homes have been extinguished. there do hot spot looks now. will tran was talking to the fire chiefs. >> the tears are starting to flow. it has been ours since the explosion people are starting to feel it. people like christina who lives in napa. your mother lives in san bruno. you sure mom ok >> her whole block is gone. >> you all this on the new spirit >> i recognize the houses that were my mom's neighborhood. we thought it was a press plane crash. i hopped in my car and came down i tried calling mom and i couldn't find her. it's a
9:04 am
long ride down. >> you called your mom is an issue didn't get a call. where was she? >> issues with her friend at the movies. >> she had no idea this was going on? >> no effect she called me worried that something that happened to me because i called so many times. when i finally called her right to alter her neighborhood was gone her house is gone. i grew up there so i know everybody there. we started trying to find or friends. they are all in the burn center. >> i would think it was a joke. did she take it like that? to >> we decided to meet here. it was a good hour or so before she saw any footage. she had no idea. we were so happy she was alive. we were loving each
9:05 am
other. she said okay tell me what happened. i ask the news crew to turn on the tv. when she sought on the tv show is devastated. >> and you are crying that's the home you grow been there so many memories wrapped up the halls and all. there's a story in every corner. >> i just can't wait until everything comes down and i can find something anything. >> of the church your teddy bear there. >> is your mom. >> i don't think it as head area. she was strong last night she had her moments after the footage. i don't think it has sunk in. >> where she now? the >> she stayed at a girlfriend's house last night. >> issue is your father around. >> she's with her boyfriend and
9:06 am
they're both fine. >> is so bittersweet those who find out their family is ok only the here those memories are gone and people are coming down here because information is so hard to come by it especially if they are driving around or at the family and they can only get from the media. at a news conference there were so many people here not just reporters but people like christina who wanted to be here. just so they can here from the state officials what is going on. i can tell you this point they don't know when they will allow people in the neighborhood. trying to get any remnants of their past. even if it is a burned pictures something baking keep from that home. >> think you will we heard from pg&e saying it turns out they were to blame they will be there to support the families to pay any kind of sit financial cost people need to rebuild their
9:07 am
lives. there is that part of its victims will have to deal with now compensation for their lost property and lives of friends and family. >> don't forget we have 52 people in the hospital right now. four firefighters in the hospital look all the work they did yesterday. they're working hard still this morning. we have all these injured people and displaced people that need to be taken care of. many angles to the story. team coverage continues in a moment. rid of the mansion and the limo
9:08 am
budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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9:11 am
fire was at its height huge plumes of fire and smoke fed by gas. birding last night it was the total of 15 a.. you cannot talk acres when you're talking a subdivision full of homes. 38 homes destroyed completely, 7 homes damaged. a lot of the victims rain now and the officials are responding today going through this neighborhood piece by piece looking for more victims. going live which cried with the latest >> i've been in the hills in the neighborhoods adjacent. you've been hearing about people below. they're running to barricade talking to a highway patrolman to find out how their homes are. a couple of people i talked to one new their home was very fondly damage. the other
9:12 am
one knew their house was probably ok but they are anxious to find out. there is damaged beyond the physical. one woman tried to get her husband she got out of the fire scene safely but he had a heart attack from strass later on and is in the hospital. so collateral damage caused from these kinds of fires in this kind of stress. people are trying to see house. one area i went sequoia were there or one block away from taking over and spot their homes. but highway patrols could not let them go 60 yds. frustrating for people especially those who are going up there. just read to find out what's going on with their homes. >> the right hand side we showed true a greater filled with water that was the source of the problem with the 24 in. gas main
9:13 am
that ruptured. we will find their way over there again. you see that water that is a greater and that is the source they're investigating now they don't want people near that. we will take a break now. we do have a google map and we have the most heavily damaged street we can tell you block by block which ones are most severely damaged. that is something we will get back to in a minute. the footage from last night we will be back with more.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
and we're back here the latest on the breaking news story out of san bruno. we have reported this morning 75 percent contained on the fire that has been burning around this housing development. the fire in the houses have been put out. there is a wildland area around the they're making sure does not erupt in flames. live pictures
9:17 am
of the crater where the gas main ruptured last night. sending these homes into chaos as people were scrambling to get out with their lives. we have pg any on the line right now so we have speed. have you been able to get to the site and start looking? >> first and foremost a one make sure emphasize thoughts and prayers go to those who were affected by the tragedy. it's difficult thing to watch when you see the pictures in the video. our hearts truly go out to those who have been impacted. with respect to the investigation the federal agency responsible for investigating natural gas line type incidents will be on-site today. they will
9:18 am
lead an investigation it will be the principal source of the investigation. >> at this point you have no idea of read on what the causes? even a guess? >> as i mentioned the cause has been yet to be determined. a gas transmission line was ruptured. if it is determined we are responsible for the cause we will take accountability. >> what is the process once the scene is i guess secured >> that is the third time that's happened with kron today. >> i think we have lost him. >> another big thing is they cannot get into the neighborhood to see if there's
9:19 am
home was destroyed or thinking get into that. we do have the most damage streets. we found out which streets are blocks that have been completely wiped out. we will soon man now. 1600's, 1700's block of claremont. that is claremont street. 900 block of glenview. 1700 block of pearl street many were wiped out. of earl. 2700 block of concord those are the worst damage streets. we do know 38 homes were completely leveled seven
9:20 am
severely damaged. >> let's get the latest on whether this morning heading into the weekend of what it was a big factor yesterday. >> winds were issued such factor appeared winds were at 21 mi. an hour when the explosion happened. that made it difficult that makes the fire moved very quickly. current conditions much improved this morning the winds have been staying early light. and variable all morning. when my own hour winds-6 mi. an hour winds. it is starting to warm up to 64 degrees to amended the is still high and the winds are light. we have been tracking the winds. this is the most up-to- date winds 1 mi. and hour winds. winds are not concerned at this hour. into the afternoon we could see changes winds could actually get up to 13 miles an hour the gust could reach 18 miles an hour. the afternoon
9:21 am
could be a different story but still expect them to be less than yesterday. >> to 80 is open to it is jammed in the southbound direction very slow traffic for the ride on interstate 280 despite the fact lanes are open. sneath later in these closed. between glenview and skyline. a problem downtown san francisco were because of a ninth underground vault fire and the risk of small the smoke hazard. montgomery street has been closed sutter is closed for blocking both directions at montgomery. we will have more developing coverage of the explosion and fire in san bruno when kron 4 continues.
9:22 am
w but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
9:23 am
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9:24 am
we're back and 9:24 a.m. continuing coverage of breaking news story or we have a neighborhood literally burned to
9:25 am
the ground after a gas main ruptured in the middle of the street on claremont. that is a crater that was left it has filled up with water because there was a water main break ruptured as a result of the explosion. some perspective on the size of the whole. right there is the emergency responders. you concede that gives you how long and wide this crater is. it is estimated at 30 ft. in perhaps 60 in length. the depth and sure. it is filled with water. lieutenant governor said he was looking at it in he could not tell how deep it was because it was full of water and sewage. it will be awhile before they can get this straight. they have to now repair all that down
9:26 am
there. not only the gas main but the waterline. there may of been sore line disruptions as well. not to mention the neighborhood itself 38 homes level to the ground. an additional seven severe damage and a whole host of others which light to moderate damage. he lost of life the latest for lost in this. once the door around these homes that number is certain to rise. >> hundreds of people staying with friends or family or shelters. kron 4 has more from the main evacuation center. >> this is for residents displaced by the sambar no fire. earlier this morning some of the residents came out and told kron 4 what they heard when the fire began. >> it was like a loud roar it shook the whole house. it was me
9:27 am
and my grandma. both my brother and my sister and my cousin. >> did everybody get out >> ok> yes. >> in may be open for few days or until everyone the lives in the area is accounted for. >> live team coverage will continue of the gas explosion. and the fires. taking a look at the damage in reaction this have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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9:29 am
our team coverage continues of the aftermath of the explosion and fire as they ripped through san bruno neighborhood the double live shots showing you damage these neighborhoods have been destroyed. on the left the water filled crater there
9:30 am
looking at that as a source. the gas main in blue robe and erupted, this fire. live on the phone we have steve sure. so many people need health there is an urgent call for help. >> what you need the most renowned. >> that is a good question we do not have a lot of people in children. we have physical goods to be donated at the methodist church. that would be ethicist'' member know. for food whether a blanket spirit red cross is prepared to roll out whenever they need to do. >> you are finding a lot of people are staying with family and friends. as we know there
9:31 am
has been dozens of homes levels. how long can somebody stay with family and friends before they do need a sixth. are you prepared to help them long term. >> absolutely. this will be an ongoing situation for some time. we fully expect people to be coming to us for the next week or 10 days. >> and there is an emotional element. i imagine some people are shellshocked >> we are providing shelter counseling at the veteran center. >> public schools are road today think kids are sure to be shaken. there is the idea of the injured and the medical help needed how is that helping. >> we don't other than last night we were supplying people that had medical needs as far as
9:32 am
farmers seek to golf. when they were evacuated a lot of people did not have time to take medicines they needed. we had an arrangement with cbs pharmacy to supply insolent and that kind of thing. >> that's another thing to and about. just the beginning of the aftermath for all of these people that will have to cope. they've you for speaking with us live this morning. >> think you for continuing live coverage will tran is standing by will what is the latest? >> people are starting to show up again and again. we saw the first wave of the second wave of people coming in and getting more reformation to be honest they have no other place to go in the meantime. who is tall and one of the implants last night.
9:33 am
>> can you tell us what happened as far as you know? injuries to your family members can you give us a list. >> my father got burned on the shoulder second-degree burns on his hand. my cousin was at home at that time both farmers have second recurrence. why can't broke her arm. >> should broker in evacuating the house. >> it was so close your home your family told you i know you were home at the time. did they say we saw the huge flames. >> they said they saw the flames hovering over the house as he was evacuating home. >> your dad had her breast? >> he had burns to his years. he can barely walk he just recently had an operation. >> the flames and never reach your family members it was just
9:34 am
the heat is that right? >> yes the pure keep whatever is leaking there is no flames in the house. just allowed shake and then straight heats. like a stove my dad said. >> and they all ran out of the house. >> yes they did >> was a house on fire at that time? >> i don't know exactly what my dad just evacuated. >> so you don't know your house was on fire. >> all i heard is my address i saw my dad struck on fire. i'm assuming it's a truck is on fire my house burned down. >> that is awful bittersweet your family is fine by your home is gone. >> pretty good recovery happy to be alive today. my mom is in shock. but we are there with
9:35 am
family support and people in our area helping us so we are doing good right now. >> as far as tonight were luis de? >> i don't know to tell you the truth. >> thing to do are wrote our hearts " you guys. a lot of people saying and happy to be alive but we were talking to somebody earlier. those walls were have heartbeat's a lot of memories burned down 0 p yesterday as well. >> crank who has more on the victims. >> now the daylight is here their trade deceive whether their homes or attack or not. a lot of people might get a visual to say what is left of their homes. >> they haven't given us any
9:36 am
information >> we haven't heard anything he said. he said to check that the senior center. >> maybe your house is ok. >> know it's not i heard the press conference this morning. 900 block of land you is affected. but i hope that happen to be the corner house somme hoping all be ok. is not 100 percent sure. >> this location is frustrating it's a block from the viewpoint or you can see the fire. so ago that one block to see no go on that so far. >> of course city of fire's not out but they're still putting out hot spots in this community which wins the way they are/v yu never know when an ember could take it from the com situation to an inferno.
9:37 am
>> yesterday the winds extremely strong 21 mi. an hour. you can see the difference now winds moving at 3 mi. an hour he mended the high temperatures low. 64 degrees we are checking the winds in real time. when my own hour winds. they are expected to increase sustained winds of how about 13 miles an hour dust could get as high as 18 miles an hour. >> traveling around the scene to 80 is extremely heavy. past 3 80 chp asset you avoid driving on them. sneath lane between skyline and 280 is closed. more
9:38 am
when we return. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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9:41 am
our coverage continues in the aftermath of the huge explosion. the right of fireballs then flames sweeping through december no leaving now much of one neighborhood. sky for flew over the area this morning showing home after home destroyed. we have our resident named maryland. what happened to your is your >> house ok> i'm ok an here. >> we are glad you are here what's the situation with your own? >> and getting reports from to my children. i am understand my son believes my house is still standing that is all i know at this point. there's a possibility it is still
9:42 am
standing. that surprises me. when i left it was quite close. it was a block away. the flames were shooting up. the flame shot l fairmont drive. and the flames shot up in the area made it turned from my house. i open my front door and a huge hot flame shot down my block and then it pulled back. i closed my front door and one of my back door. grab my purse and a sweat shirt went out the back door open my crotcwhen in their got i picked up a few of my neighbors. i pulled over and picked up neighbors. i got the lady across
9:43 am
the street with her children. they got into the car and they were all ok. i got out of their drove down and i did not look back. i did not take anything except the person and the car. i was not going to stick around. just like the rest of view i have been watching the news. i don't know what more i can tell you. i left before they evacuate people >> it sounds like that was smart and lucky and you got people with you. did you see flames that you were driving away? >> i heard the explosion that shook the house. i thought it was an earthquake. you could actually feel the heat that was that intense. i opened my back door i saw this red and gold below. i thought it was a plane
9:44 am
had fallen. and then i went to the front door and saw the flames shoot up. a close to the front door and got it. it was very quick and very frightening. and very hot. my neighbor said the same thing they could not even walk on the sidewalk because of the heat. they ran across the street got into my car and we all went together down to daniel. emergency services are magnificent. and the merchants that were available. they're very good down there that they're taking care of people. >> i. boy shaking when you're talkini hear your voice shakings your talking about this. we're wondering how people are trying to contact each other. >> i'm looking for the people
9:45 am
who lived on the corner where the explosion occurred. we go to church together her twin boys grope with my youngest son. i don't know what happened to them. i know some other
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. ersities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created.
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9:50 am
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order u-verse tv today. plans starting at just $29 a month for six months, with dvr included. plus upgrade to u-verse u300 and get the u-verse mobile app free. u-verse mobile and u-verse tv. only with at&t. ♪ 9:50 a.m. again images from a sky for over this scene earlier this morning. i wanted to give you an overhead view of the destruction. homes and other side are decimated. you can count the path where these homes were once located. you can count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 houses on that street. it just goes on and on. done across
9:52 am
this 11, 2, 3 you can count the dry voice. this is what they're trying to deal with now. they are trying to find other victims in this that's the challenge it looks like a moonscape everything is great there's a lot of cash and no homes. just chimneys standing where homes once were. it is reminiscence of the oakland hills fire. this is what we saw in the aftermath of the fire is still smoldering cruzeiro they're putting out hot spots. once search and rescue get in there we will get updated figures. let's get the latest on the forecast. >> even in the past hour winds have dipped down to 1 mile an hour. they have been light and
9:53 am
durable morning. they have been between 1-6 miles an hour. humidity is high at this point. 1 mi. in our wind in every direction right now. ever yesterday the winds were at 21 mi. an hour period december note that is susceptible to very strong winds especially into the afternoon. low-lying areas that funnels through we are expecting to get up to 13 on our wins the gust could get up to 18. it is less than what we worry us today but could get strong this afternoon. >> skyline boulevard is still open as well as 280 traffic is very happy chp ask you avoid the possible. close however is sneath lanes between skyline and
9:54 am
280. comprehensive coverage will continue when kron [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime.
9:55 am
but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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9:57 am
our teen coverage continues of the day after the giant fireball and the firestorm on the right they use the from yesterday that left a neighborhood in rubble in san bruno. are fresh video from this morning. we talked live with one resident she said house she'd skate her burning home and neighborhood taking neighbors with her. went straight to the bay hill shopping center. she didn't know it but that is exactly where the red cross set up evacuation center. let's go back to bay hill. >> i'm down the hill from the epicenter of the fire. police have set up a perimeter they are not allowing anyone up the hill. residents up the hill won a come outside the perimeter are being
9:58 am
told to so i your own recipes delays are not letting folks in. >> that is another angle we cover the worst damage street to show you. we will walk you through the mat. these there were you cannot go back to. if you do go back to these homes there probably damaged severely. you do go back to these homes there probably damaged severely. box...and left the cooler lid open. d my son a juice twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance, but it was the service that really made me a happy camper... er...ex-camper. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast, free quote and start saving today.
9:59 am
10:00 am
one minute before 10:00 a.m. team coverage of the aftermath of the huge explosion and fire that you see here from yesterday around 6:00 p.m. rain through a san bruno neighborhood. we know for people are confirmed dead. 38 homes are leveled, seven homes severely damaged and others have other damage. we know a lot of people 52 people in hospital some critically injured. three have third degree burns and four firefighters in hospital. we won the hear more from t. thompson. about what's being done this morning. >> i'm at the memorial red center this is where people can bring any donations they have. close water shoes, water they
10:01 am
are taking any donation here. spontaneous volunteers have taken over they are sorting through the use donations. the red cross and they don't have a capacity to deal with these donations. red cross is asking for monetary report. people are also being asked to donate blood. if you have food or clothing united donate. you can come here volunteers willwjy te all of this stuff sort it and handed out to many of the evacuees. many had to leave their homes in an instant. you see donations' pouring in they say that there is always room for more. >> my husband heard gas. he thought the whole block was
10:02 am
blowing away. >> again there are volunteers will be here all day helping to hand out donations. >> think you'd k. thompson reporting live. you see people who need help after the huge fire. we are showing you the flames from yesterday. you can see the way the flames are moving and spewing because it is a gas fuel fire. there expecting to investigate more of today. we will continue that ankle as far as the cause. live to will tran who has been talking to officials about the cause and how they are handling the investigation. >> how they handle the investigation is they are treating it as a crime scene. it is under lock down only authorities can be in sight. to
10:03 am
make sure they have full access and also make sure homes are not being looted. we are trying to find out when they will allow media to two or that place. not to mention people who have been evacuated they want to know if their home is safe. j. alan with the emergency management agency when is the earliest they came going to find out if their homes are roquet. it is excruciating not knowing. >> we are working to try and expedite things as quickly as possible our hearts go to the victims of less. it's a terrible tragedy we understand waiting does not make things all whole lot better. the investigation pass to continue the long school law enforcement has to find out exactly what happened and what caused it. we didn't get a chance to get close to it because of the fire overnight. tonight is the first night
10:04 am
thinking get close to it as soon as they give the all clear and the clearing then things will open up. >> is seems like today is the first day they might be in there. >> it could be today could be a couple of days i don't want to speculate on what might happen. " we do know is investigators or out there from the local state and national transportation. they're working hard to find the car is so people can get back in. the red cross pg&e is stepping up as you heard they will do what is right they are stepping up with vouchers at this point. we are trying to make things as easy as possible on those who have been affected. >> your office handles terrorism. nobody is saying. is any marks of terrorism behind
10:05 am
this? >> we all should be vigilant and aware of what's going on around us. at this point i'm not up there on that the investigator. if they find things the investigation will show that. the appearances as you heard from the conference it appears to have been a gas pipeline explosion. we will leave it at that. at this point as soon as any kind of wrong doing in terms of criminal wrongdoing is decided and and not to be the case of course things will open up. the investigation will continue. >> hall debut with california emergency management services. according to pg&e there is no gas through those lines at this time. it is still unstable to get to the source so could be a while before they get to what happened. i had asked about the terrorism angle because that is
10:06 am
why he is here. along with helping lieutenant governor. they have to be considered of that even know that probably is in the case. >not the case. >> stanley roberts joining us. this runs beside the development that was set ablaze last night. >> #1 you can see these houses were evacuated. there's no one here right now. this is a command post that was set up when the explosion happened yesterday. they're still here but i hear they will be moving this command post down. right now the share of this year pg&e fire department is here and emergency services are here. >> so we have to command
10:07 am
centers appeared when at the location that stanley showing us the other one at bay hill shopping center and that is where will tran is. the word from stanley is a may consolidate. we will keep our eye out as the story continues through the morning. 10 06 a.m. quick break back rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created.
10:08 am
california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. to choose the services that fit your life. who doesn't want more choices? i like choices.
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10:10 am
1009 this morning following the latest out of san bruno a gas line explosion last night sense of a suburban neighborhood of in flames. here's a map here. i don't know if we can bring this up fall. i want a show you the most heavily damaged blocks in the neighborhood. this fire brokaw at glenview and claremont. uc the icon where it
10:11 am
exploded. the most devastated streets were the 1600 and 1700 blocks of claremont drive, the 900 block of glenview drive, the 1700 block of earl avenue, the 1100 block of fairmont drive and the 2700 block of concord way. again 38 homes have been destroyed in this burned to the ground seven sustained a serious significant damage. if you live in any part of this part of development chances are good you have quite a bit of damage if not destroyed
10:12 am
altogether. we will update this as soon as we get new numbers. >> james as we talked about the latest numbers for people dead however all officials have said that number is expected to rise. we are looking at you may be able to see they are going in with a dapper dogs. this is our first look at this. crews going in home to home searching through the rubble because of the nature of the fire and the way it exploded. people hearing no wish and a boom and then being surrounded by flames. people may have been done able to get out. people are looking for friends and loved ones. some of that you can see a dog going through the rubble making sure
10:13 am
there are no unaccounted victims in this fire. so far for confirmed. we will be right [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california.
10:14 am
he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
10:15 am
10:16 am
on fifth we are back to 1015 is the time breaking story gas line explosion in san bruno. numbers as of a day and the latest update from san bruno please. four people confirmed killed in the explosion, 52 have been hospitalized with burns, three in critical condition, 38 structures destroyed, seven other severe damage. 15 a. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8elburneb diversion. 75 percent contained. there are hot spots in the wooded area along the canyon. they're making sure that's contained as well. one shoulder
10:17 am
is open veterans memorial in city parks in san bruno. >> you can see home after home levels in this fire. it is a situation where all lot of people could not escape fast enough they jump in their cars or ran. there is a concern the death toll might rise. they will know until they go home to home. and we know there are cadaver dogs out there. we spoke with their resident who was not home he talked about injuries to his family. >> my father got burned on his shoulder and second-degree burns on his hand. my cousin was home at the time half of her arms have been burnt second-degree burns. my at broker arm
10:18 am
>> how did she do that >> jumping over the fence to evacuate the house. >> it was that close your home? did your family say we saw flames. >> my dad said he saw flames over house and as he was the evacuating >> >> your dad had burns >> to is year. he recently got operated on so he could barely walk. thank god he meted out. >> that is the latest from one of the victims. joining us as well a representative of the emergency services. we have been speaking about the latest from the seen some what the situation is right now. mindy good morning. what this through what is the situation. >> as far as san francisco fire is concerned this meant that we
10:19 am
are supporting units in san bruno as requested. what that translates to it is we have bob ricks on scene. we have a fuel unit refueling as well. >> they are not trained in wild fire protection and pricey per cent this is a mix of both planes moving rapidly through community much like the mountains wildfire. are they equipped to deal with this? >> we are definitely prepared we train on wildland fires every year. we have strict teams burger to. as far as that goes we are prepared to assist in any way. >> your engines are still down there now?
10:20 am
>> they are down there until they release us. we will send more assistance if needed. >> thank you for joining us this morning giving us the perspective and how they've assisted. this was a call the one out fairly early. this let per ma 1-2 alarm fire up to six alarms fired within a few minutes. >> we have seen white smoke from the smoldering homes. the winds are not very strong lisa. >> conditions are very much improved win winds were 21 mi. an hour during the time of the explosion. it is easy to see you have those flames hopped from house to house school of their now winds moving out of the west northwest. at 1 mi. an hour. we have been tracking the wind is looks like surrounding areas to
10:21 am
mile and hour winds very light and variable. the most the winds have gone up to was about 6 mi. an hour so that won't do much. in terms of pushing flames or starting it up again. as we head into the afternoon winds are expected to pick up. sustained winds get to 13 mi. an hour and gust as high as 18 mi. an hour. this is susceptible to high winds. the gap between helsinki gets funneled ind. heading into the afternoon that could change. for the time being winds are light out there. >> closures around the scene of the explosion and fire. close to still his issneath lane between skyline and 280 and sambaravenue between glenview and skyline.
10:22 am
interstate 280 is open so is skyline boulevard traffic is not nearly as low through the area but chp request you avoided if nearly as low through the area but chp request you avoided if possible. we will saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
10:23 am
10:24 am
and we are back at 10:23, our breaking news continues, you canswót ee new video on the rig.
10:25 am
an entire neighbourhood erupted in flames. they show?q7 what is left, not much. homes that used to line the streets are only foundations left, we asked him to describe the damage >>i was onsite late last nite ai can tell you there is a lot of persenell but it is a dangerous place, there is a whole in the middle of the street, the asphalt is broken, you cannot
10:26 am
walk through >>are you putting pressure on pg and e? >>i hae not given them a timetable, there is going to be an ivestigation, i am concerned i do not want it to happen anywhere else, i want to know more about those who called and reported smelling gas >>is money available for those that needed it? >>fema is covering %75 of the
10:27 am
cost. last night when i called it a state of emergency we did it quickly. it was hot, we couldnt get close to it. >>did you go through that area sir? tell me man to man, what went through your mind. >>i have been through a lot of fires but never anything like this, melted cars, it hit me as a resident of california and a neighbour, we are moving as quickly as possible, i want to
10:28 am
make sure everyone is safe. >>gov. shwarzenager is on vacation so he stepped in and they put every resource ujder his disposable, start the investigation of pg & e the time is now 10:27 we will be right back.
10:29 am
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10:31 am
>> we are in good shape. we notified families early this morning for safety and access reasons we were canceling school today. >> so what does that mean will it resume on monday? >> we are working with city officials and also our staff. wheat will have an early afternoon decision on whether not class's resume monday. >> did the fire in any way damage any of your schools? >> not in any way. we had john muir and kress more school were part of the evacuation zone. which in sambar know we had a other schools in terms of
10:32 am
access them safely that was in question as the events developed. we wanted to be safe and have families be in a safe place today. >> it is a tight-knit community and there were four deaths there may be more. have you heard anything about the worst any of the families that may have had children? >> at this point we have no information on any student or youth fatality. >> assume some of the education and helping the kids is going to be psychological. >> we are taking steps now to bring our partners in terms of ministerial association we have had a great level of a reach from our neighboring school districts to provide counselors or whenever the need might be.
10:33 am
>> and the logistics of the number of families with no homes. this could go on for some time. they will be displaced still trying to go to school with friends or family or in a hotel. you'll have to work with them of course. >> absolutely one of the elements in sambar no is that prides itself on schools are safe place where kids can get it said get an education but more importantly a safe level of schooling. when everybody comes back to school it will be an environment of care courtesy and compassion. >> thank-you doctor had from the school. the neighborhoods of mir and crest more elementary. >> they need for donations this
10:34 am
morning rescue shelters have been set up. they need supplies. red cross is asking for blood donations as well 0-is a universal tight. if you can spare it had to your blood bank and give please. we spoke to some folks that are pleading for donations. >> 150 homes have been destroyed. how many clothes as a person need or shoes or food is not much help. even though it seems like a mountain. what is in there is only a drop in the bubucket. >> if there is a donation slate near you or to can take the recreation center that they would be happy to take it.
10:35 am
>> we want a go to will tran. the effect of people being displaced. and what's been done in the investigation would do here will? >> lots of things going on concern in all fronts including how do people get ahold of loved ones. people stopping by the command center asking me and the red cross have you heard from so and so. what they have done you can see that desk. they are asking evacuates to stop by leave their names there even if it means dropping your name there and go about your business and maybe go to family and friends but they want to know that you are ok so you can be checked off the list. you don't have to come down here. there are at their ways to let the authorities know that you are ok. >> we have a web site
10:36 am
https://safeandwell.communityos. org/cms. go on register yourself a number of people will be able to get to the web state sites. you can dial 1-888-393- 4483 and somebody will do it there. the third way is to come here and fill out forms. so that has people registered people that are looking for you friends and family local folks can go online or contact us and we can match people back up. >> to know why it's so hard? what you can't call cell phones? >> a couple of things happened with cell phones. some people evacuated very quickly and did not bring them. some people brought cellphone another
10:37 am
batteries are going dead. it's often difficult. this is good in a log for the earthquake it teaches us good lessons about that. make sure you have a great contact plan. >> thousands of people live in sambar know how many people have you registered? >> i don't know how many so far. >> thank you so much we will put that web site on our web site. let people know darya people are so concerned. they wanna make sure their friends and family are ok. landlines have been wiped out you can't call homes because they're no longer there to even if they're near that area perhaps their phone may not have phone service. and perhaps
10:38 am
sell phones the batteries. decking cause all kinds of grief. a lot of people very concerned. >> now you're bringing this up the spca is handling all the pets. they have been flooded with displaced animals. >> let me ask you a quick have you heard anything about that? are you helping with that? >> the humane society is doing a great job they were up there last night and continued to be up there looking for patterns that are stuck in houses and that kind of thing. they have a plan for that. they're bringing them to the facilities and working to reignite in nearby description dog tags or check. >> if your home owner in you escaped contact the made society in the may deal to find your dog or cat.
10:39 am
>> good information think you would eat. >> will be back with more on team coverage of the aftermath of a huge prior an explosion that swept through a san bruno of a huge prior an explosion that swept through a san bruno neighborhood. billion in tax cut. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:41 a.m. continuing coverage in san bruno. if you look on this side of the monitor kit- bird dogs had been brought to the scenecadaver dogs have been broadened. we have and that an update on our 7:00 a.m. hour from disaster managers they let us know where the heaviest damage was. if let me start this animation. i want a draw on
10:43 am
this and lay out what we are looking at in terms of damage. 38 homes have been destroyed. burned to the ground there is nothing left of the home. seven more suffered serious or severe damage. they include 1700 block of earl ave. also 900 block of glenview drive, 1600 block of claremont, and the 1100 block of fair amount drive. and lastly concord way. this is where they have seen the heaviest damage all lot of homes have been marked in red have been destroyed or seriously damaged.
10:44 am
ray where the flames are located that is where the crater is. it doesn't look like much of all whole because it is filled with water and sewage. the figures in yellow. those are grown men. you can see their size in relation to the crater. estimates of 30 ft. in width and 60 ft. in length. the depth is hard to access. the governor stood at the edge of the crater but they could not see the bottom because it was filled with mud and water. it could go at least 3 ft. deep. 10:43 a.m. much more coverage in a moment.
10:45 am
but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:47 a.m. continuing coverage of the day after a massive explosion and fire leveled the
10:48 am
neighborhood in san vernal the crater that was left by 24 in. gas line ruptured and made one home into a fireball but then spread to the others which are level this morning. we know for deaths and that number could climb as there are cadaver dogs working the rubble. making sure there are no other victims there are people unaccounted for at this hour. taking a look at the barricades in the firestone. >> just beneath the epicenter if you take a look over my shoulder police have set up a perimeter they are not allowing anybody to go up the hill. residents who want to leave and come outside the perimeter are being told to do so at their own risk they're not letting anyone in. the leeway people are getting up the
10:49 am
hull is in an emergency vehicle. >> i listen to one of the witness. >> is sounded like you're standing by a 7 47th like inches or roaring. it was like that for five minutes. then you knew was not an earthquake. i went outside and saw a gentleman had a baby with them they were hovering in the entryway to escape the heat. then everybody rushed to outside it was like in 911 seen. everybody was running as fast as you could. it was so hot it was burning your body. it was so hot you couldn't stand in look at it even a hundred feet away. i have a hydrant in my friend's lawn. they cooked up their hoses and there was no water. the mains were all broken. they had to strength
10:50 am
poses up a quarter mile away. i think my house is ok. i believe i can see my rooftop i think i'm not sure. i'm praying. >> fuelled by the gas you can imagine the sound and the feel of a blowtorch only a hundred times stronger. the winds were strong last night as well. this morning much calmer. morning much cal the wind just blowing the fire horizontal. the winds were at 21 mi. an hour. the difference this morning much improved. the winds are at 1 mi. an hour so not doing anything in terms of blowing those flames and smoke. temperatures cool any amended the is high. the wind minute by minute to give you an idea. only up to 2 mi. an hour in surrounding area. really not
10:51 am
pushing up. the san bruno gap is susceptible to a strong win so and to the afternoon that's what we will keep an eye out for. sustained winds could get up for 13 miles an hour and gusts as high as 18 miles an hour. we could see smoke blowing in the area of the airport this afternoon. >> the closures here sneath lane remains closed. san bruno avenue between glenview and skyline. chp ask you do not drive in the area. we will continue when the kron 4 morning
10:52 am
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
10:53 am
10:54 am
continuing breaking news at 1054 this situation in san bruno one
10:55 am
day after an explosion of a gas line since the neighborhood into a ball of flames it erupted and spread quickly from home to home. right along claremont drive. you can see the aerial view of this morning. the left- hand side show new video. showing you some flames the night before. live press conference earlier this morning they described the incident from his perspective >> we continue to work throughout the night to make sure the area was safe we worked with the emergency officials to secure the area. secure the gas lines and electricity we have yet to be able to get close enough to the actual source to be able to determine why this happened. we are working diligently to do that. we have been told the national transportation safety board will
10:56 am
be leading an investigation and we will work with them as closely as possible. i want to make sure everybody knows we are committed to do what is right and what is appropriate to help all the families and others who have been impacted by this tragedy. a couple of things that unocal we have secured the transmission line. there is no longer gas flowing through that line. we have secured the distribution lines. there is no gas flowing in those lines. we have teams out today over 40 people working last night and will have about today to survey the integrity of lines in this area. to continue to make sure it is safe. as of 6:00 this morning we had approximately 700 electric customers still out of
10:57 am
service and about 300 gas customers who are the service we anticipate getting 300 electric customers back online by noon today. because concern of safety we are having to walk a block by block house by house to make sure it is eighth to go in and establish service we are trying to get that done as quickly as we can. i will mention i have heard news accounts about customers reporting pg any they had smelled gas previously. we do not have confirmation about that but we have records we are going back to trying confirm what those phone calls would like them when they occurred. >> as you took at look at the latest for dead and they expect that to rise. state to kron 4 for the very latest in the
10:58 am
aftermath. hey, at&t u-verse tv? yeah, it's our new tv service. every day thousands of customers across the nation are switching to at&t u-verse. [ female announcer ] visit an at&t store today.
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